Palace of care/I think therefore I am? Special Edition – Project #ff’sflame

Thanks for helping FF out!

A community of practice is a group of like-minded people who come together to work on a shared goal or cause. One of the core ideas behind Palliverse is that we want to form a virtual community of practice and translate it into a real world community of practice. This is in order to foster community spirit to make a difference in the world, in the form of global access to palliative care.
Palliverse is also  an ongoing tribute to the power of words. This was illustrated last November with the realisation of project #getjakbak, where-by last-minute crowd-funding on the fly enabled a dying man to go home to his family.
Project #ff’sflame is a bit different in that it is a personal project of mine and is aimed at keeping one of my favourite people in the world from requiring palliative care services.
Who is FF?
FF is a…

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